In a gentle way, you can
shake the world
—Mahatma Gandhi

I'm a sensitive person with a strong sense of justice and the ambition to leverage my talent and potential to the fullest for a friendlier world. I listen more than I talk, work deliberately and think deeply. I deploy the powers of quiet, persistance, insight and sensitivity to contribute to the world what I believe I'm meant to contribute – a little bit of peace and humanity.

I was born in the autumn of 1988 in Southern Germany and studied international law at UNICRI, a United Nations body in Italy.

At the age of 17, I published my first article in a local newspaper. I brought to perfection my passion for research and writing and worked for prestigious media outlets worldwide, among them tv channel Al Jazeera English, Der Spiegel and Die Zeit in Germany, De Volkskrant and De Groene Amsterdammer in the Netherlands.

As a journalist I travelled to more than a dozen countries, mainly in Africa. I wrote about human rights, social justice, conflicts and how people strive for peace. I was a correspondent based in South Africa and reported from the last landmine field in rural Mozambique, on the post-election violence in Kenya and reconciliation after the Rwandan genocide. Later I moved back to Europe where I developed my expertise in international law further.

In writing as well as in the legal work, I try to make a little difference each and every day.


Germany's Top 30 Journalists under 30 years

Medium Magazin 2014

Best of Online Activism Award

Nomination for the ICCoberver Blog / Deutsche Welle 2014

German-Dutch Journalism Award

Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions 2011

Social Award

Awarded for the commitment for Africa / City Council of Münsingen 2008

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